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Question Description

Hi, I have a research entitled Phishing and spear phishing attacks

But the part that you have to write about is

What is Phishing attacks?

The requirements are as follows:

800 words

Limits and Requirements.

– At least 1 of those peer-reviews must have been published from 2015 or later

– At least 1 of those references must be Category-1 references.


The following are considered peer-reviewed reference material

  • Category-1 references, which are
  • o journals, communications and transactions

    o published by the ACM, IEEE or Springer

  • Category-2 references, which are
  • o Ph.D. Dissertations, or

    o Proceedings for conferences or workshops published by IEEE ACM, and Springer.


  • Students have to enclose references that have been found (NOT TEXTBOOKS) with the research
  • paper itself along with accompanying materials. Failure to do so will result in 2 penalty mark.

  • Students may also numerous address journals in the field, for example, “Communications of the
  • ACM, IEEE Internet Computing, IEEE Transactions, ACM Transactions and others.