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Two major reasons that drew voluntary immigrants to the English colonies and motivated settlers to grow and develop them from 1607 to the 1750s included:

1) Desire for economic security and advancement

2) Desire to get away from religious restrictions in Europe

Do you think that either of these was a more important and typical motivation than the other? Did these motivations change over time or vary with different groups? Discuss.


Video https://www.learner.org/series/a-biography-of-amer…

textbook https://www.chegg.com/reader/9781305142763/90/ pgs57-66; 68-76, 82-90, 91 (map 4.3), 94-95, 100-102

Examples of your sources:

-Professor Miller notes that in 1607, “English America began as a business proposition.” (Bio. of America 2)

-In 1630, Massachusetts Governor John Winthrop stated to the Puritan migrants he led that their goal was a religious one, to “comfort and increase of the body of Christ, whereof we are members; that ourselves and posterity may be the better preserved from the common corruptions of this evil world ….” (Winthrop, “A Model of Christian Charity” and see also Norton, Brief 10th ed., 46).