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This assignment must be 2 pages and it has to be double space. Please be sure to use chapter 8 and cite the information use.

Module 5 Project

Chapter 8 walks you through strategies that lead to effective note taking. Think about your note taking strategies. To help your students, you will want to reflect on your personal habits, how do you approach notes. Most students, even successful ones, do not employ efficient note-taking systems.

Much like your reader’s profile, you also have a “notes” profile that may impact your classroom practice. In this assignment, share your personal note taking system (the one you employ as a student, not one you teach your students or future students). Remember to cite within so it is clear you have interacted with the readings from the module. You may do this as a simple WORD document or you might decide on another format–it is your choice!

In your project, describe the following:

  • How you developed your system (this is how you developed your own system–not a system you teach to your students)
  • How did your system change over time
  • The role of technology–how if at all, has the advancement of technology affected your own note taking?

Then using information from your reflection and what you learned from the text, to explain/discuss

  • How you think your skill (or lack of skill) affects the note taking system you will employ or currently employ with your students?
  • How will what you learned about yourself and information from the chapter impact your future interactions with students? (this is where you’d use citations) Be sure to consider how students’ organizational abilities might be challenged in virtual/hybrid contexts?