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Submission #1 (HW#1: Procurement stage review)

Student needs to identify a project procurement stage, process, or critical success factor as his/her topic for the term project. The topic should be used for all three submissions. A list of potential topics include the following. 

· Public and political support

· Environmental assessment (NEPA)

· Plan, Specification and Estimate (PS&E)

· Cost benefit analysis

· Value capturing

· Asset Recycling

· Permitting and Approval

· Contract Preparation

· Bidding and Award

· Negotiation

· Construction Review and Acceptance

· Operation and Maintenance Performance

· Project Bankruptcy

· Other topics

Student is required to select one topic and perform a comprehensive review. Student is required to submit a review paper on selected topic before Oct 14. A good review paper is expected to be 7000-9000 words plus figures and tables. A student can either conduct an in-depth review of 3-5 journal papers with calculation and analysis or a broad general review of more than 15 articles on a specific topic. The file must be in word format and submitted through ELMS turnitin.

A sample outline of the review paper on Bidding and Award is as follows

· Features of your selection project type

· General procedure and milestones on bidding and award

· Types and characteristics of bidding

· Information requirements

· Bidder evaluation and selection

· Special issues (e.g. recent research outcomes, challenges) 

· References

· Appendix (if any)

Student is encouraged to discuss with the instructor for the topic and project. Please note that each student will select a different topic.