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Super Size Me Assignment

Super Size Me. Dir. Morgan Spurlock. Showtime Independent Films, 2004.


The aim of this assignment is twofold:

1. Thesis and supporting argument of the film: In the first section of your response, you need to state clearly what you take to be the thesis of the film, i.e., the film’s overarching message. Once you have identified that overarching message, list 2 to 3 of the main ways in which the film makes a case for that thesis. This section should be about 200 words long.

2. Your analysis of the argument: In the second section of the paper, you will provide a critical engagement with the argument the film is making. Do you find the argument persuasive? Why or why not? Give thoughtful, convincing reasons for your position. This section should be about 200 words long.

Note that although there is considerable leeway in how you might read and interpret the film, we are viewing this film in the context of a discussion of product safety and liability. Your analysis of the thesis and main argument of the film should at least touch on these topics, as they are no doubt central to the film. You might find Brenkert’s framework for assessing strict liability useful for your analysis, although it is not required that you use this framework in your response. Please see the next page for details on how to submit your assignment.

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Philosophy 312


Film Response Assignment #1: Super Size Me

Thesis and supporting argument of the film: The main point of Super Size Me is that McDonald’s is [insert what you believe the thesis to be here]. The film makes the case for this thesis by showing that McDonald’s is engaged in . . . [insert what you take to be the 2-3 key supporting points the film makes in support of this thesis; this section should be tight and focused]. Make this section about 200 words in length; and, yes, you should type the assignment with single spacing. Write clearly and in complete sentences. Finally, make sure your assignment is free of grammatical and typographical errors.

Analysis of the argument: I found Super Size Me’s main argument to be [persuasive or unpersuasive, convincing or unconvincing, etc.]. At this point, you will begin to build your case for what you think of the film’s argument. This section should also be about 200 words.

End of sample format for assignment


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