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a) Explain the difference between controlled and uncontrolled rectification.
b) With simple circuit diagrams, input and output waveforms, explain the control

characteristics of the following devices.

i. Power diodes
ii. SCR

iii. IGBT
c) Sketch and explain a simple inverter circuit and explain the function of the common

power electronic devices

d) A hybrid electric vehicle is a typical power electronic system. Sketch the block diagram

of the power converter system.

e) Using a case example, describe a mechatronic system

f) Differentiate between the following terms used in mechatronic systems. State an example
for each.

i. Modelling and simulation
ii. Sensors and actuators

g) Condition monitoring is a key concept in mechatronic systems. By defining the term,
describe using a table: the measurements, sensing parameters monitored and selection

principles in automated manufacturing.

h) Using a schematic, describe the radar technology used for vehicle sensing capability and
control during cruising.

i) Using visual aids where necessary, explain briefly the application of mechatronics in the
following areas. [12mks]

i. Model-based manufacturing
ii. Supervision control structure.

iii. Rapid prototyping and E-manufacturing
iv. Opto-mechatronics

j) Explain the principle operation of the Mechatronically Designed Ambulatory
Rehabilitation Walker