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The 2 page paper of the link i sent you to listen to the seminar.  The teacher wrote the following can you please redl acxordingly. 

Since the idea behind the alternate assignment is to make sure that a student who missed the seminar has listened to the seminar and understood the lesson, for the alternate assignment, you have to listen to the archived seminar and then submit a 2-page summary of the actual seminar–and your thoughts about it.   

I mentioned Restraining Orders in the seminar, but it was a very small piece of the seminar; I talked about a lot of other things, such as discovery, motions, steps of the divorce, etc.  Can you provide a more accurate summary of what was discussed in the class and what your thoughts are about the topics discussed, that will show me that you listened to the seminar?

See me if you have any questions about what I am looking for.