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The 9 Essay Questions are listed below:

32. Please “list” and define the legal concepts that apply to both commercial and international business transactions.                    

33. List and discuss important workplace issues and regulations that affect employee rights, competition, consumer protection, and the environment.

34. List and discuss the elements involved in the creation and transfer of valid negotiable instruments and the perfection of security interests.

35. Describe the agency relationship of the four major structures and formations of business entities. (sole proprietorships, franchises, partnerships, and corporations.

36. Please list and describe the major statutes regulating the securities industry and the role of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

37. Please define the terms monopoly and market power.  Then describe the elements of monopoly and market power and how these concepts relate to each other.

38. Please list and describe the important laws pertaining to antitrust.

39. What are the rule, implications, and processes of doing business internationally?  Please list and describe each.

40. How are commercial contracts used in international settings?  Please list and describe the payment methods for international transactions.