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Question Description

Assessment 1: Practical Skills

Due:10 September, 2020 (9am AEDT)

Length: Multiple posts on Discussion Board (summary uploaded to Turnitin)


Weighting: 25%


Please note that this assignment must be completed on the Discussion Forum.

The following assessment aims to provide students with a practical experience of ways to build psychological capital and improve leadership skills by developing self-awareness necessity to differentiate between different types of leadership when deciding which is required for developing engaged employees based on awareness and respect of group diversity.

Building Hope (Replication of Luthans et al 2008 ‘Hope building exercise’)

Goal Setting There are multiple parts to this assessment. You will be given details about the goal setting process in tutorials or facilitation sessions. Read the information about the Goal Setting exercise.


The multiple parts of the process are:

1a. Goal setting. Think about your goals in relation to study, work, or life in general. Pick one goal and undertake the processes detailed in the tutorial or facilitation sessions. The goal needs to adhere to the SMART guidelines, which will be explained in the sessions. There must be some evidence of thought into the pathway generation – that is, you need to identify obstacles and think about potential solutions. The feedback you provide and receive should also focus on providing potential obstacles and solutions. The goal must be broken down into achievable elements and thus there needs to be an appropriate amount of sub-goals. Do this before the end of week 1.

1b. Engagement and giving constructive feedback. The next step involves receiving and giving feedback about the goal you have set and the goal generation processes you intend to undertake. Either get in a group of four and comment on each other’s goal setting generation process OR post your goal on the Blackboard discussion and comment on 2 other students’ goals and goal generation process. You will need to show the feedback you received and the changes you made to the goal generation process based on the feedback. Do this before the end of week 2.

  • For more information about the evidence that supports this activity, please read the article: Luthans, F, Avey, JB & Patera, JL 2008a, ‘Experimental analysis of a web-based training intervention to develop positive psychological capital’, Academy of Management Learning & Education, vol. 7, no. 2, pp. 209-221.


1c. Before the final deadline students are to write 700 words reflecting on the activity and the process. Students, you will write this in a word doc

Then you will create a heading at the end of your document called “Appendix 1 Final Goal/Subgoals”. Then you will create another heading at the end of your document called “Appendix 2 Pathways”. Then you will create another heading at the end of your document called “Appendix 3 Feedback to Other Students”

You will copy and paste your FINAL goals/subgoals (not all the early versions, just your final version). Copy from the Discussion Board and paste all this into the same word doc under the heading “Appendix 1 Final Goal/Subgoals”

You will copy and paste your pathway generation. You will copy from the Discussion Board your pathways and paste them into “Appendix 2 Pathways” section.

You will copy and paste all the comments you have made to other students. You will copy from the Discussion Board the comments you have made to other students and paste them into “Appendix 3 Feedback to Other Students”.

The Appendices do NOT count towards the word count. So when you have finished copying and pasting you will review your document and ensure that you have referred to you Appendices to support your narrative in the 700 words.

Make sure that in the 700 words, you clearly state your final goal (but not the subgoals), and reference the Appendix where the subgoals are detailed.

In the 700 words, make sure that there is clear evidence of your meaningful engagement with the activity and that you have described the process from your own perspective – is it something you have done before? Is it something that you would do again?

Make sure that (in the 700 words) you provide clear examples of the feedback you received on the Discussion Board and how you responded to that feedback – both in terms of a reply, and also refinement of your goals/subgoals. Make sure you refer to your Appendix rather than repeat what it is in your Appendix.

Reflect critically on the activity. Tell us what you learned, what value you perceived, how it could be improved, how you might or might not implement it in their own workplace?).

This document will be uploaded to Turnitin and this is what you will be graded on. You will be graded on the 700 word reflection ONLY. We can easily refer to the Appendices to clarify anything. If the Appendices do not clarify and add value then you may be penalised.