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this a 10 page essay 

what is required at the end  of the essay (you’re only required to write 1 or 2 or 3 pages )

1) The depth of your research.  You had 10 sources for your bibliography, and that number is likely to grow while you are writing.  The paper should be using these sources to go deeper into an issue, to get closer to a full understanding of the specific angle you have chosen to research.  It should use both primary sources (data, examples, etc.) and secondary sources (analysis), and utilize a theoretical perspective (a WAY of understanding the central issue, as understood by another researcher in the field). 

2) Source integration.  How well are these sources integrated?  Are the quotes blending with your own words and serving as functional parts of the sentence?  Is the author summarizing and paraphrasing while citing throughout? 

3) MLA/APA style.  Does the paper contain in-text citations throughout?  Are these citations correct, using the author’s last name when applicable?  Does the works-cite page reflect these in-text citaions as well? 

4) The organization and clarity of the paper.  Does it follow a logical path?  Is the paper organized according to the author’s thinking, and not simply jumping from source to source?  Is it free of major grammatical errors?