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minimum 250 words 


In at least 250 words, compose an initial post regarding the following prompt:

Write a response in which you agree, disagree, or modify Aaron Sorkin’s claim regarding The Social Network (2010) below.  Use Gabler’s article to support your claims.

“This thing — social networking, and obviously Facebook is the king of that — which was meant to connect all of us and bring us closer together, I don't think it's done that. I think it's done the opposite. I think we're now by ourselves, inventing new identities, performing for each other. I think it's an insincere form of connection. But, let me quickly add that that is an opinion that has absolutely nothing to do with the movie. You can love Facebook, hate Facebook, never have heard of Facebook, be indifferent to Facebook, and that will not affect your enjoyment of the movie anymore than being a fan of bank robberies is going to affect your enjoyment of The Town.”