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this assignment is due in 10 hours……. must have done on time no late work….. 

Based on the readings:

" The Social Networks " by Neal Gabler 

" What Their Clothes Tell Us about Those Girls " by Anna Keszeg 

Fill out the attachments based on the readings above. 

Each reading will have one Vocab awareness chart and One Dialectical chart filled out. 

So fill out one Vocabulary awareness chart and one dialectical chart for each reading. 

must have done in 10 hours…… no late work…… 

Student Handout f!I • "XAVID Decade• ofCollege Dream•

Vocabulary Awareness Chart • Scan the title, subtitles, captions, reading aids, and first and last paragraphs. Identify ten words D that seem important (for instance, words that are essential to the topic, content vocabulary, or key concepts). Once you have identified these words, write them in the "Word" column. Assess your •

~ own knowledge of each word by placing a check mark in the column that best represents your

• understanding of each word. Use a dictionary to look up the words you don't know. •

• • •

Know Seen it; No Definition or notes for those words Word it

don't idea you do not knowknow it











Which of the above words were the most challenging? Why?

• • • • • • • • • 0


• e

• • • • • • • • ., • • 0

• • • • •

– I



Topic: Example: Dialectical Journal Directions: Choose 5-10 Passages/Quotes from reading and input 1 response to each passage. Responses can include: Analysis (describe the various parts), Ask a question, Interpreting (explain the meaning), Infer (educated guess based on prior understanding), Reflecting, Personal Connection (relates to self, world events, book/movie/etc), Summarizing, Predicting. Number your quotes and responses.

Passage or Quotation from the Text:

Example quote from text: “The age when food finders became food makers”

Student Response:

Example response: ● Analysis: Describing the human transition

from hunter gatherers to farmers (humans now produce/make food)