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this assignment is due tomorrow…..  must have done by tomorrow…… 

 Find and watch the video:

Miss Representation (full documentary)

Available to stream on Netflix or to rent/purchase on Amazon Video or available to rent on DVD via our library and many other libraries.

  Writing Directions:

Word count is not as important for this initial discussion post as following the instructions is. This post is designed to assist you in prewriting and organizing your thoughts for your analysis essay. Number each step and provide your responses directly after each number, labeled as shown below. Compose an initial post regarding the following prompt:

Identify the focus of your rhetorical analysis regarding the full documentary of Miss Representation.

Be sure that you have three reasons to support your claim. They should each be strong enough to support a 6-10 sentence body paragraph.

State your thesis statement, formatted as shown in the course materials. 

Remember, the argument in the original material is secondary to HOW that argument is presented. Your thesis statement should reflect the methods used in the documentary to present the message and whether or not those methods were successful. You should *not* be echoing the argument from the documentary in your thesis statement. To assist you in understanding how to formulate a thesis statement for your rhetorical analysis, here is a link to a helpful document.  https://writingcenter.tamu.edu/Students/Writing-Speaking-Guides/Alphabetical-List-of-Guides/Academic-Writing/Analysis/Rhetorical-Analysis (Links to an external site.)

You may also wish to use this as a template for your rhetorical analysis thesis statement:

[Director] effectively convinces the audience of [name of documentary] that [main idea from documentary] through the use of [Method 1], [Method 2], and [Method 3.]

Locate supporting evidence from the full documentary for each of the three reasons. (Be sure to use the MEAL plan  https://www.thinksrsd.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/MEAL-Mnenomic.pdf  (Links to an external site.) when creating your paragraphs in the rough draft). 

Offer a preliminary ending for your conclusion.