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This lab is in two parts. Both parts should be completed and submitted in a single word docx file.

Part 1: List key requirements of your individual design project. Include functional, data, environmental, user characteristics, usability goals, and user experience goals (see page 360 of the text and surrounding pages for more context).

Part 2: Create a hierarchical task analysis for your interface/project (see page 380 for examples and context).




Individual Design Project Proposal

ISEM 502 User Center Design

Name: Supriya Mutyala


I want to develop a website for organizing the pharma conference. I was planning to add all the conference details with dates and venues. I will add the following tabs for my website: Organizing Committee, Abstract submission, Registration, Program schedule, Exhibitors. Highly affiliated people come under the Organizing Committee. In abstract submission, whoever interested to join the conference or who interested to explore their research at my conference can submit their abstract as per the templates. After acceptance of the abstract, they should complete their registration category. Some people will attend the meeting to gain some knowledge. The attendees can directly go to the registration tab, and they can proceed. People who are working at companies also exhibit their products. In the exhibitor tab, they will get full information.

           Before one month of the conference, I will update the complete program schedule with time to time. The website will also have a 24*7 service so that any speaker or delegate can clarify their doubts at any time. By organizing this conference, they can grow their network by interaction with more people.

Group discounts, Student discounts are also available, people more than five can get a 25% discount on registration, and student should submit his/her university id card they can get up to 30% discount.


Target Audience:

 The target audience for my project is Students, Assistant professor, Associate professors, Deans, Young research forum, pharma company CEOS. All these audience will register for the conference through the website.



Data Collection:

           For data collection, I need to take a name, Phone number, and email id of people working in pharma universities, schools, companies.