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The article included with thisassignment describes how the city of Detroit, in spite of havingrecently declared bankruptcy, is proposing a series of multi-milliondollar public works projects intended to revitalize its decaying urbancore. Most people think that this is a terrible idea, given the verysevere financial situation that the city is facing. City leaders, longplagued by accusations of wasteful and irresponsible spending, arehaving trouble finding support for their plans.


Yourjob in this assignment is to defend an untenable argument – that is,you must advocate for the increased public works spending in Detroit, inthe face of extreme popular disagreement. In addition to using ethos,pathos or logos to persuade your audience, your argument should alsoidentify and rebut at least two of the anti-spending arguments made inthe article.


This response willbe graded on the strength and thoughtfulness of your argument, as wellas grammar, structure and thesis statement. However, conventions offormal usage will not apply to this response. Your response should be atleast one page long; you may use this sheet if you wish.