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Question Description

For the first writing assignment each one of you will be given a case to locate and write a basic case brief.
Case Brief Assignment:
A successful case brief will include:

  1. Case: The name of case, citation, and year of decision. Who are the parties? What is their dispute? How did they get to court? (Note, not all facts are relevant. Use your own words and discretion to decide what facts are important to understanding the case.
  2. Issue: What is the basic legal question?
  3. Rule: What is the specific provision of law that is applicable to deciding thecase?
  4. Application: How does the rule apply to these facts?
  5. Conclusion: What is the majority’s basic answer to the basic legal question inthe case?

The case brief assignment will be graded based upon quality and/or relevancy of information (25%), organization/composition (25%), mechanics (includes spelling/grammar) (25%), and construction (25%).