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To make things easier I have both interview already done , just have compare and contrast the two athletic director 


The purpose of this midterm project is to explore the decision making processes of two different sport managers and present your findings in both written and graphic form. 

Interview requirements

Interview two individuals in the area of sport in which you are most interested (i.e. professional, college, recreational, etc.). The individuals do not have to be BC alumni.  Schedule a time to interview them either in person, on the phone or via Skype.  Students must get approval from the instructor for the interviewees.  

The following questions are required to ask in your interviews:

1. What is their current role and main responsibilities?
2. What was the hardest decision they had to make in their job?
3. Did this decision have ethical implications?
4. How did they approach the decision making process?  
5. What was the outcome of the decision and the feedback received (positive or negative)?
6. If they had the chance to go back and do something differently, would they?
7. Feel free to add other questions about career path, advice getting into the field, etc.

*Feel free to ask additional questions!

Paper requirements:

Once interviews are finished, you are expected to submit a written paper using the following criteria:

  • The paper should be 4-5 double-spaced pages submitted via canvas as a Word document
  • The paper should compare and contrast the interviewees' responses to all of the above questions.
  • The paper should include an introduction, body and conclusion that are clearly presented.
  • The conclusion should include your analysis of how the decisions were handled by the interviewees and what you would have done differently. 
  • You may use outside resources to strengthen your paper, but be sure to cite properly, using APA format.
  • Proofread all materials to ensure the use of proper grammar, punctuation and spelling because points are taken off for typos.

Summary Graphic Requirements:In order to summarize your findings, I am asking you to create a creative one page document/info-graphic that outlines the two people you interviewed with the basic information from your paper. Make this creative with pictures- it is more about getting the general point across in a creative way, while figuring out how to summarize. This is becoming a more and more important skill in this industry and I want you to put it to practice.


Midterm Presentation (1)Midterm Presentation (1)CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContent6.0 ptsThe written paper gave a clear picture of the people being interviewed. The student clearly conducted thorough interviews by presenting information on various aspects of the interviewees' jobs, industries, backgrounds and challenges. The student demonstrated a solid understanding of topics discussed in class by referencing the topics in additional questions the student asked in the interviews. The student chose an interviewee who would be a challenging yet rewarding subject.3.0 ptsFor the most part, the paper gives the reader a general picture of who was interviewed. The student gives some information about the position and industry, but may leave out some important details that the reader may want to know. The student used only the sample questions given in the assignment and did not ask new questions relating to topics discussed in class. The interview may or may not have been challenging for the student.0.0 ptsThe student fails to demonstrate much knowledge about the people who were interviewed. It is unclear how much time was spent with the interviewees or how many questions were asked. The student chose an interviewee that was an easy subject (i.e. someone they already knew) and therefore gained no new insights.6.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOrganization6.0 ptsAll paragraphs include introductory sentence, explanations or details, and concluding sentence. The paper is clear, logical, and organized. Listener can follow line of reasoning. No grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.3.0 ptsMost paragraphs include introductory sentence, explanations or details, and concluding sentence. The paper is generally clear and well organized. A few minor points may be confusing. Very few grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.0.0 ptsParagraphing structure was not clear and sentences were not typically related within the paragraphs. The paper is not well-organized. Numerous grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.6.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeGraphic8.0 ptsThe summary graphic is creative. The content is clear, concise and eye catching. There is use of pictures, and other creative elements.4.0 ptsThe summary graphic is somewhat creative however it lacks a clear and concise theme. There is little to no use of pictures or other creative elements.0.0 ptsThere was no summary graphic submitted.8.0 pts
Total Points: 20.0

1. director of athletic , I oversea the 51 programs, and 21 sports team , also the director of summer sports camps, which multiple offering for activity for young kids , also includes arts and craft and variety of sports, also director of coed basketball camps

2. hardest decision I had to fearness and equity , sport offering at worceseter , to ensure every student athlete , is given fair opportunity to succeed , with their sport of choice, have good positive experience at worcester academy

3. yes you are always guided to do be the very best , fairness at every level , us as department , we offer our best , yes for the greatest majority , alays ethical approach , your keep in mind and fairness , should be guided light , whenever fairness is involved , it your job to do your best. , wether it families or student athlete , everyone is given an opportunity to have fair n equal opportunity to succeed,. Sometimes there constrains or lot of, coaches, faculty , a perfect example will be jv team , we would like to practice 1hour 30 min , due contrains we are only allowed to practice 1 hour .

4. I guess It guides the decision making process , we are mindful the decision we make , all those decision our guided by thought process , to keep or add program , is done with good balance , with mindset , its line with current program we are offering .

5. I think biggest thing with a decesoion, you need have communication , you need check with parents , any decision to change of program , has to be run through other administration in the school , we are checking all constantly one another , to make sure our program is meeting expectation , our parents our alumni , all of your different , head of school , board of trustee , we not making ulatteral decision , , the decision I make are not made of vaccum , its alumni coaches , administration , board of trustee, total openness.

6. We try be very deleperate , in our assements , before we make final decision , hind sight is 20/20 you can look back , but it past , those decision you have in hand , that your deliberate , final decision you made was very confident , listening to other people . I try look back in my decision making past , in education approach , learn from it . you wish made a different decision , nothing that I try to do or we try do is made up of vaccum , so if when they decision , is made there were many voices , contributed to the decision. I feel like we have lot of voice , in the department , I trust the communicstion and the different voice that need to be heard , program needs to be added or drop , listen to them , what we feel is best interest of the school. We cant keep everyone happy in the school. You have to listen to help make your final decision.

7. I wasn’t sure , if had athletic at top of my wish list, I really enjoy working with coaches , student athletes , alumni . there never dull moment , . I would put higher on list , trying help people . I never really prepared myself to be athletic , but through my experience , college basketball coach , also educater , my experience were able to translate to be athletic director . greats good for greats number , if u get caught in the weez trying please everyone , it cant have aderverse affect in your program . we have keep big picture in mind , lot of decision you make has axiom .

8. we trying to develop a program that fit need of program and greatest number of particpants and those who make a commit to your program .


1. here at phillip exterior , we operate very different , rotating administration model, for 5 year all internl , its way for teacher to become adminstrations, very outdated , being athletic is full time profession , it not like take classroom teacher , he did 9 year as atletic director , back in the classroom full time classroom teacher and coach , firs 30 year I am not coaching football , real tough,

this fall my main duty , teaching health ,9, 10, 11, also coaching jv basketball’

2. they were lot of tough decision , the toughest decision , relieving a coach from their duties , firing a coach , I had to fire 3-4 times in 9 years . reason for firing , was lack…… impericable character , modern game , win n losses wasn’t my way to judge coach. Another piece continue player development , build team , role model, not screaming at kids .. in any situation I had to let someone go , either their character show they lack , or mistreating kids and officals , they werent following rules, I had coach , who was outside , didn’t care about rules about phillip exterior , would have practice without permission , have them late practice , coach main focus was the sport , it was veteran coach , which made it harder to relieve , I always gave them opportunity , I didn’t want let anyone go I wanted to them get better ,

3.yes this decision had ethical implication , yes they were part of community some had been here longer than me , i had to wrestle with that , they will still teach here but wouldn’t be able to coach , you have wrestle with that , is that bad , there no horrible person, also knowing they will still be in community , but instead had to say no because this is our values, basically made them retire, so public they woudnt be ashamed , if they did not leave on their own I would fire them, def ethical implications .

4.I had to document complaints, player , parent, specatulor , I had to document , date itt , also bring that concern to the coach , remember this our mission, just reminder this is the expectatins. I also had to observe , more practice and more games , sometimes go games where I wasn’t seen . I also had to gather info , and inform my superior , hopefully things will get better , as things did not improve , had to PIP , performance improvement plam , these are the concerns in writing , here are expections , you have exhbit this , be rate officals , players , these were incidents where we seen n heard , this behavior is unacceptable , I would let them wen you give player critctisms , 3 postive for every negative , your not staying low , you gotta get low , great job moving your feet , while this specific barelt gave any positive , this was all in writing , coach and I sat down , in writing , sign it , we set up weekly meeting , coach improved , next year it was going good then started going bad , we went over pip again, if this does not improve I have to let you know go. We had to have meeting with all 3 of me , coach and my superior , we told him he had retire , my superior told coach to think about 24 hour , coach decided he didn’t want retire , my superior and I should been on same page , he continue to coach n things got bad, I told coach either you go own or your done after last game , they decied to they would go , it took 2 full years ,

5 . well it interesting , wen someone retires , so publicall people did not know , any feed back public , nobody really knew , internal is fractured , there angry at me , we really don’t have much of relationship , we never really relationship prior , my two superior are no longer here , they gave me positive feed back , we werent happy outcome , it was right outcome , better outcome if coach changed his behavior , I would like this person to coach as long he wants to have sucesss and see difference between new n old. When you let someone go is my last prior ,

6 yes I would have started the process sooner , they were some thing I saw and heard , I think we could have probably started the process sooner , improving , the fact they had long standing 10 year here well respected , I gave them the benefit of the doubt longer than should have .

7. I just loved sports, come from big family , youngsest of 8 , did football n track n baseball , winter track , loved basketball , still play pick up , always very active , football was favorite sport , best sport track … tilton for my post grad , did football the little bit baseball , went to sprinfiled college , stop playing sophomore year. I love professional development , did my own study about coaching , leadership.. started master, keep getting masters ,, being coaching on side, go clinics, be honest with yoyrself , its ok not know , podcast youtube, build network … had friendwho did work shop , how to character through sports, more influenceon kids went to