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Topic 8 DQ 1


One of the purposes of writing a research proposal is often to get funding (a research grant) to conduct the research. What might be some additional purposes? Are there any reasons to do a research proposal if you are not going to be applying for a grant? Explain your answer. 

Topic 8 DQ 2


In the assigned readings for this topic, there are many reasons listed for why a research proposal might be declined. One such reason is because the writer failed to provide the proper context for the research question. Explain what you think this means. Provide a few ways the writer can avoid making the mistakes listed in the “How to Write a Research Proposal” article by Wong from International Network on Personal Meaning website. 

Developing a Research Proposal


Access and read “Developing a Research Proposal” page on the CIRT website.



Read Appendix B in Real Research: Research Methods Sociology Students Can Use.