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Training Project Part 5

Your expertise in the field of training and development is certainly growing! Fred Knott thanks you for your assistance. Now he has a completely different project for you. How would you like to be an employee development/career management consultant?

Interview a relative, friend, or a peer in this course who is currently employed (you may not interview yourself). Be sure to address the following:  

•         The interviewee’s job title with a brief job description, time with the company, time in job title, and current career development stage

•         Any special career management challenges the interviewee is facing/has faced

•         What the interviewee’s goals and action plans are (if any)

•         How the employer has contributed to interviewee's development and career management

•         Your evaluation of how well the employer has developed the interviewee

•         Your suggestions for improving his/her development and career management

Create a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your interview. You may incorporate audio/visual aids if you wish. Expect to take roughly 10 slides to complete this assignment. Your work will be graded on completeness, clarity, originality, interest, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  APA format:cover page, abstract, body/information, conclusion, reference