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Create a basic one year budget for an agency and/or organization.Include revenue and expenses to the best of your ability. Things youshould include are:

Assume that you need to staff one ambulance 24/7.

The number of calls you do per DAY is your Month of your birth(Jan = 1, February 2, etc.). Let’s pretend that 50% of your calls areBLS and 50% are ALS. You get reimbursed at the following rates: ALS375.00 and BLS 135.00. Paramedic Wages are 20.00/hr and EMT wages are15.00/hr. Your Rent is 1200.00 month. Your truck payment is 250.00 permonth. Your clinical supplies are 35.00 per call.


  • Number of Calls
  • Expected Revenue per Call


  • Salary
  • Rent
  • Truck Expense
  • Clinical Supplies

Get your spreadsheet to:

  • add all expenses
  • add all revenue
  • subtract Total Revenue minus Total expenses.