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  • Understand the theoretical basis for age-related services and programs
  • Differentiate between anecdotal and evidence-based knowledge 
  • Study and analyze one aging-related theory
  • Read and analyze one research study designed to test the selected theory
  • Discuss practical applications of the theory

The Role of Theories

Address the following questions

  • Why do we need theories (in general)?
  • How do aging theories change our perception of older adults?
  • What is their relevance to those who work in this field?
  • How can the quality of elder services be improved by these theories?

Select A Theory

Identify one biological, social or developmental theory

  • Describe its premise, components, concepts & definitions, assumptions
  • Address how and why the theory was developed

Select A Research study

  • Must be a primary source
  • Must be specifically designed to test the theory you had selected
  • Found in a peer- reviewed journal
  • Qualitative or quantitative in design
  • Generally a control & experimental group

Additional Components

  • Study limitations
  • Recommendations for future study
  • Relevance and application to practice
  • Quality of writing