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Question Description

The second unit of Global Gender Issues looks at the impact of global economic, social, andcultural forces on women and men in contemporary China.

The first book,Markets and Bodies:Women, Service Work, and the Making of Inequality in China, focuses on young women doingservice work in the formal and informal sectors in Beijing and Kunming.

The second,The ImpotenceEpidemic: Men’s Medicine and Sexual Desire in Contemporary China, looks at urban men seekingtreatment for erectile dysfunction in the context of an alleged “impotence epidemic.”

Global economic, social, and cultural forces have had a major impact on contemporaryfemininities and masculinities in China:

First: explain how globalization transforms notions of femininity and masculinity.

Second: analyze the impact of economic factors on contemporary femininities and masculinities inChina. Economic factors might include mass unemployment (especially for men) newwork opportunities (especially for women), etc.

Third: analyze the impact of social factors on contemporary femininities and masculinities in China.Social factors might include upward mobility for some workers, downward mobility forothers, changing expectations for women and men, changing gender relations, etc.

Fourth: analyze the impact of cultural factors on contemporary femininities and masculinities inChina. Cultural factors might include loss of status for some workers, consumption-drivenidentities, exposure to transnational mass culture, etc.

Additional instructions:

? Be sure to acknowledge variations in the experiences of female service workers and menseeking treatment for impotence to avoid stereotyping and/or essentializing them. Wordslike many, most, some, often, sometimes, etc. are particularly useful for this purpose.
? Be sure to engage directly and extensively with the three major sources for this unit:Markets and Bodies, The Impotence Epidemic, and the soap opera, Symphony of Fate,season 1, episodes 1-5.
? The different internet sources analyzed in class will vary in importance according to theoption you chose and the way you chose to develop it. That means that some essays arelikely to provide in-depth analysis of one or more of the internet sources while others makeonly passing mention of them. In general, the more time that we spent in class with asource, the more you should consider including it in your essay—if it fits.

Citing Sources:

You’ll need to cite your sources, but to keep things simple please use the following codefor the two books: MB for Markets and Bodies and IE for The Impotence Epidemic.Symphony of Fate and the internet sources should be cited by name in the text. In thecase of the books, you should also include page numbers or some other location indicator(i.e. for e-books) such as a chapter number or sub-heading, so a citation would look likethis: (IM 183). If you use any outside sources, please include full citations.

Technical Requirements:

Papers should be 7-8 pages in length (1,800-2,000 words), double-spaced, with standardmargins and standard fonts.Stylistic Concerns:? a clearly stated, carefully developed thesis (point of view, central argument)? appropriate examples (both general and specific) from the readings and internet sources? careful analysis (that connects the examples to the argument)? good overall organization? coherent, thematically-unified paragraphs? well-constructed sentences (i.e. gram