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Strategic Leadership encompasses taking a systematic review of the entire organization. How strategic is executed is depended upon the leader’s strategic approach to the making changes necessary to help the organization gain a competitive advantage. Strategies are often a complex process that is ever changing. Strategy should not confuse customers or employees, but should be implemented only to help the organization achieve desired results. Strategic leaders are adept to understanding how to shift the organizations culture to meet these goals.

Please read chapter 10 and 11. In this discussion you will provide your understanding of Strategic Leadership. Using your text please do the following:
a) Identify four common organizational structures and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
b) Explain why an alignment between an organization’s culture and its strategy can help a firm implement its strategy effectively.
c) Explain the differences between Transformational and Transactional Leadership, which are two common approaches to leadership styles
d) Describe the leadership strategy which would fit your personal style and using the information from the readings describe why.
e) How would you use Strategic Leadership for strategic change inside the organization

Book- Strategic Management: Theory and Practice

Edition: 5TH 17

Author: Parnell, John A.