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Question Description


Part 1:

Compare and contrast the most and least committed persons at your present employer. How does their level of commitment impact their productivity?

Please respond to each other. Remember, that the purpose of this discussion is not to answer my initial or follow-up questions. The purpose is to engage with the assigned readings and integrate them with other ideas and into your daily (or future) practice. Please do use terminology from the assigned readings, cite the textbook with at least an in-text citation (Dipboye, 2016), and bring in current events (provide a URL) to add to the conversation and to support your points. These discussions are the main learning and assessment tool in this course.

Part 2:

For bonus points, please find a video that you think would be helpful to other students to support their understanding of the material in this chapter. Provide a link to the video and explain why you selected it and how it is helpful. be sure to watch the whole video and let us know what is covered. Before spending too much time watching the video, make sure that no one else has already selected the video. You need to provide a unique selection to be eligible for points.

Alternatively, you can create a meme that demonstrates the principles in this course. It has to be in good taste and demonstrate a deep understanding of the principles in the chapter or common misconceptions about the material covered this week. You can find several excellent meme generators online.


Two classmate responses; will send their post when a tutor is picked