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Question Description

The structure of this essay:

1. Introduction/advanced organiser, including:

– Overall curricular theme

– Age level of students

2. Five humanities and social sciences (HASS) lessons around a common theme, including, for each:

– Sub-themes (if applicable)

– Use of a piece of age-appropriate children’s literature, song, poem, etc. (include images)

– Activity connecting to prior knowledge

– Activity building new knowledge

– Activity applying and ‘evaluating’ new knowledge

* These will all be organized around a theme, These will be short, narrative lesson summaries

3. Rationale and Connection: Australian Curriculum or Victorian Curriculum

– Why? And how does this connect to the Australian/Victorian Curriculum?

4. Rationale and Connection: The Research Literature

– How is your curriculum supported and grounded in the relevant literature and research?

– A minimum of

Ø Four chapter of the required readings

Ø One of the selected readings, and

Ø Two of the supplementary readings

5. Focus Lesson: Choose one of your five lessons above and provide more detail

6. What you’ve learned and/or found most powerful in your studies of HASS

7. Conclusion

8. Reference