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Hopes Dreams and Fears



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Hopes, Dreams and Fears

My dream of joining college has been to get a degree and take my career to the next level. I believe that higher education is essential to advance in my career in the military by gaining the necessary skills and knowledge. However, this dream is accompanied by some hopes and fears. The fears make it challenging to achieve the dreams we have when joining college. I believe that my fears would make me understand whether my dreams are realistic. College education is a dream for many people. College students hope to graduate after completing their college education, but there are fears that someone may not graduate. Having spent about 13 years in grade education, there is a feeling of exhaustion and being overwhelmed with school. It is my dream that I will be able to graduate after four years in college or even sooner. When starting college education, 4 years feels like a lifetime.

Transitioning to college life is a challenging experience that can be difficult than expected. I have had the fear of how long it would take for me to adjust considering that I would have to balance my work with studies. I have fears of gaining good grades as class performances are a key determinant of success in college. It is my hope that I would have a good relationship with professors and other students. Failure is one of the fears that I’ll have to face during my time in college. I hope I’ll be able to dedicate adequate time to my studies to get good grades. I have had the fear of getting strict professors who can easily make life in college miserable. I believe that the relationship between professors and students would affect student learning; thus, have the fear of whether I would be able to get along with other people in college, including professors and fellow students.

I have set some specific goals that would allow me to achieve my dreams, including scheduling some time to converse with at least one instructor each semester to know them better; and joining an extracurricular organization to get a break from studies and work, which can reduce stress. Although fears may appear to be negative, I’ll balance them with my hopes to be able to reach my dreams. I’ll emphasize the positive aspects to overcome my fears. I hope that a college degree would make me a better person and become a ladder of success in my career. I hope the goals I have set would help me overcome my fears and contribute to the achievement of my dreams in college education.