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Victor Bout, the person on whom Lord of War was based, was arrested in 2008 in Bangkok, while attempting to sell arms to US investigators posing as Colombian FARC rebels. Though initially Thailand was uncooperative, Bout was extradited to the US on November 16, 2010 (despite opposition from the Russian government).  The US Department of Justice has charged Bout with a number terrorism offenses; however, none of the crimes were committed in the US (global policy). His field of operations included Afghanistan, Angola, Congo, Liberia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and Sudan. The US and UK reputedly have used Bout's services to bring shipments into dangerous zones of Iraq as well.  Bout is currently serving a 25 year prison term; nonetheless, arms trafficking to conflict zones (such as Sudan, Liberia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, etc) has continued to increase. 

Using a minimum of 350 words (not including the title and reference section) and a maximum of 500, address the following:

  1. What is the current state of arms trafficking?
  2. The US has denied requests from Russia to extradite Bout for trial. Can you offer reasons for this denial?
  3. In the movie Yuri stated that he was a necessary evil. Do you agree with his sentiments? Why or why not?