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Question Description

Answer questions 1-5. APA format.8-10 sentences for each questions. No quotes are allowed. needs to paraphrase. apa citations.

1.Discussion question(6-8 sentences.no quotes).Explain your own understanding of quality and safety in nursing. Give an example from your personal or professional life that shows how a nurse or a facility exemplifies quality and safety. How can nurses help to improve quality and safety within an organization?

2. Provide brief definitions of research, evidence-based practice, patient safety, and quality improvement. (


3. Choose one specific AHRQ quality indicator( LINK COPY PASTED-PQI, IQI,PSI,PDI) to address (for example, PSI 02: Death Rate in Low-Mortality Diagnosis Related Groups [DRGs]) and find an article(ARTICLE ATTACHED-POSTINSERTION CENTRALLINE IN CARDIAC ICU) from the Walden Library published in the last five years that describes the involvement of nurses in that particular type of quality improvement activity. Then address the following:

  • Describe the specific quality indicator( that you selected, and summarize the article concerning that particular quality area.
    • Be sure to include the article’s title and author. (For example, if you choose PSIs, you will want to describe what research has been done to eliminate or minimize safety-related adverse events following operations, procedures, and childbirth.)(8-10 SENTENCES)

4.Explain why the demands for quality improvement are increasing. Give at least two reasons and include any data that supports the use of quality improvement measures.(8-10 SENTENCES)

5.Describe 1–2 additional ways nurses are leading quality and safety improvements in healthcare.(8-10 SENTENCES)