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 We have a cloud computing course project. I uploaded the file with requirements. We need 1 PowerPoint presentation and 2 page description. But the thing is we need to present the instance; how its running, how the system works etc. I also stated a link from the last semester's presentation. I do not know but we need to meet with the person who does this project so we can present it by ourselves at the day of the presentation. 

Final Course Project Announcement

Hello Class

You will do an exciting final course project. You will develop a SAAS service on top of PAAS, IAAS for your final course project.

The SAAS can be a website, machine learning service provider, database service provider, automated test service provider or

any other service that you might have interest. The PAAS and IAAS need to be on either AZURE or AWS.


This is a group project where three students will work in a group. You need to have at least one application developers, one network / IT administrators to setup, configure the virtual machines and finally, deploy the application there successfully. You can follow the steps below for the final project:


· Create an instance at AWS,  or Azure environment.

· Provide secured access to the instance using SSH protocols, clients to the group members.

· Deploy the software service to the instance using Azure APIs, Docker etc.

· Provide access point (e.g. web url etc.), directory access protocol service (e.g. LDAP etc.), registered user access (e.g. login option etc.) for general use of the software service.

· Run and test the overall services.

You can review discussion 1 to select your team members.

I suggest you view the instance creation links in the resources section to get started with your final course project.

You can view the previous semester (Spring '21) final course project presentation for getting ideas:


Final course project report

Please include the presentation slide along with 2 pages long a

*.doc or *.pdf  highlighting your contributions.

There will be no late submission, upgrade request accepted for the course project.

Here is marks distribution for the final course project:


Instance creation and necessary protocol, security service integration                         marks  25

SAAS service (e.g. testing, ml, ds etc.) description and deployment to the Instance    marks  25

User access (e.g. login, email etc.) integration to the SAAS                                                    marks   20

Overall testing of the services and prototype display                                                                  marks  10  

Final Report                                                                                                                                        marks  20