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Week 16 – CLA2 – CLO 1, CLO 2, CLO 3, CLO 4, CLO 5

In a 4 – 6 page paper based on your internship course experience and the learning objectives achieved during the course, review your internship experience successes and challenges leading to growth. You should demonstrate in your paper a description of your professional portfolio and include any evidence of accomplishment and skill development or recognition that you have acquired this session and how it will contribute to your portfolio.

Provide at least two (2) peer-reviewed sources. If you have completed this CLA2 assignment in an internship course prior to this class, select new examples and sources to support your response. For questions, contact your instructor. 



1. At least 4-6 pages 

2. Journal needs to be formatted in APA 7th edition

3. Need to have at least 2 peer-reviewed articles as 

5. Please read the word file attached "Week 1 to week 14 discussion for Internship Course" and "INT 501 OPT Interview with Frank Li" prior to writing the journal to understand what am I doing for my job and my experiences.

6. I have also attached Journal for Internship Course which you wrote it for me before, and please also use that as the reference, and do not repeat the contents.


Internship Journal.

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When writing a journal, it is a reflection and a review of the experiences that we undergo on a day to day basis. Thus being a believer in journal keeping grows the habit of keeping a record of the occurrences that occur each and every day. Through the keeping of journals, record are kept and they can be used in future and for a reflection for experiences that a person has gone through (Addey, 2017). The journal records outlined below are a summation of the activities that occurred when acting as an intern, the skills that were accrued and the influence of what was learnt upon me. Since the onset of the course, I have had a desire to learn and also to share the different skills learnt with the rest of the class. Further, I have the goal of exploring various career opportunities and from them share the different experiences in journaling and business management strategies.

Experienced success.

The first thing that I consider to have been a success is the creation of a professional journal. It is the first journal that I have ever created and it has had a huge impact. The journal gave me a chance to reflect upon the experiences that I have accrued over time (Addey, 2017). The journal gave me the chance to track the progress that I have made in terms of my career and to assess whether I was attaining any levels of success. Further, I was able to keep track of my personal portfolio and investments and to constantly review them.

One of the most important lessons that I learnt from the first job that I took is the importance of working as a member of a team. I worked for a duration of one and a half years and during this time, I learnt the important aspect of being a member of a team in the workplace. Success in the workplace is dependent directly upon the cohesion of the members of the team (Addey, 2017). It is them that define the quality of output. From the team that I worked with, I learnt the important aspects of what it calls to be a manager. These lessons proved to come in handy later in the field and in my marketing strategies. Using the knowledge accrued, I was able to complete the creation of a new delivery application that proved essential to the growth of sales pf the company. The sales margins that were experienced by the company increased as a result of the steps that I took.

Further, I was able to draw in a partnership for the company with one of the largest brands in China that are into the distribution of electric goods in China. It created a new slot in the market for the supply of electric goods for the company in terms of the supply of electronics and of home equipment. Further, I was able to solicit an interview with Mr. Frank Li, the CEO and founder of the company which also proved to be a major learning opportunity.

Another aspect that I consider to be a success is achieving a sense of balance between the e-commerce retail section and the entire business. It is a factor that promoted the growth of the company and as a result, it also increased the revenue of the company (Addey, 2017). It also proved to be an essential experience finding a balance between cultural concerns and good leadership for the organization. Good organizational culture experienced throughout the course of the internship proved that decision making and performance are directly influenced by the culture of the company (Addey, 2017). Further, teamwork, professionalism and enhanced communication skills saw to the success of the company and also facilitated the growth of the company.

Another factor that I consider to be a symbol of success was the incorporation of the culture of the United States into the organization. Different countries have different cultures and these vary. However, for a business to be successful, there is a need to have a way to incorporate the cultures together so that the business can mesh together the cultures to be able to achieve success. Culture also influences the behaviors of employees and all around it has an influence upon the behaviors of the employees. Further, all around culture also has an influence upon the success of the business (Addey, 2017). Thus meshing the Chinese and the American culture was a factor that contributed to the success of the organization.


Apart from the experiences at work that promoted the high points of my internship, there are also factors that proved to be a challenge to my work environment. One of the challenges that I experienced was controlling time. When conducting the interview with Mr. Frank Li, the time that I had set for the interview proved to be insufficient. As a result, I had to use an excessive amount of time which would not have sat well with the CEO as he a man of many duties. Asking the right questions also proved to be a challenge for me. Picking out the correct question also proved to be a challenge. There is a need to be able to identify questions that will elicit the expected responses instead of drawn out random answers.

The other challenge that I experienced was the implementation of changes within the organization (Doyle, 2017). It is a challenge because being new and an intern, some of the members of the senior management proved to be barriers to the ideas. Further, the ideas that I had to pose had to be perfect because a little mistake was bound to mess things up. Finally, any change that I was suggesting had to result in the growth of the organization and further, it had to match with the objectives, goals, and the vision of the company. Another factor that proved to be a challenge was getting Mr. Frank for an interview. The reason for this is because he is a man that operates on a schedule and as a result, I had to schedule time that would be appropriate for him. However, it was a goal that I also achieved.

Lessons learnt.

One of the most essential lessons learnt was the importance of effective leadership. Effective leadership brings together all the factors of production and ensure that all the employees have a common goal and a purpose that suits the mission of the organization (Hao & Yazdanifard, 2015). Effective leaders ensure that all the factors of production are at play and that a common goal is achieved. The employees are empowered as well as inspired to achieve their full ability (Martin et al., 2014). It is important to know that the success of any organization is dependent upon the leadership and the leaders at the helm.

The other factor that I learnt was the important of change in an organization. Organizations cannot remain in situ. With the changes that are apparent in technology and the ever constant innovation, it is important to ensure that the organization is able to change and fit in with the modern world. Further, technology is making it easier for companies to operate on a global scale. As a result, companies should be willing to change their cultures to an approach that is more global so as to fit in the bigger market.


When writing a journal, it is a reflection and a review of the experiences that we undergo on a day to day basis. Thus being a believer in journal keeping grows the habit of keeping a record of the occurrences that occur each and every day. Having a journal is what allowed me to compile these records and from them, I have learnt important skills to do with the business. The internship experience has taught me that there are still experiences that I must learn if I will be one of the best in my chosen professional field.


Hao, M. J., & Yazdanifard, R. (2015). How effective leadership can facilitate change in organizations through improvement and innovation. Global journal of managementandbusinessresearch.https://globaljournals.org/GJMBR_Volume15/1-How-Effective Leadership.pdf

Addey, C. (2017). The assessment culture of international organizations:“From philosophical doubt to statistical certainty” through the appearance and growth of international large- scale assessments. Pupil assessment cultures in historical perspective. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.

Doyle, A. (2017). Communication Skills for workplace success. The Balance Careers.

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Running head: JOURNAL RESPONSE 2


Journal Response





Journal writing is important in people’s lives. By writing a journal and reflecting upon different experiences, individuals can identify vital learning events or occasions that had taken place in their life. Individuals can also find the source of their inspiration that can define their today. People can also discover their authentic self and even get a better understanding of their thought process. The purpose of this essay is to reflect on the different experiences recorded in my journal. The essay will include my experiences, observations, and major concepts in reference to the experiences.


Creating a professional journal is one of my greatest experiences. As I stated earlier, I have never created a professional journal. This has been my first experience and as far as I know, it has been interesting. Creating a professional journal has enabled me to reflect on my experiences and determine my authentic self. Creating my professional journal has enabled me to brainstorm ideas. It has also helped me to rethink my career goals. As stated earlier, I am a director of E-commerce at Sunway Nuts USA. My career goals include the following: enhance my networking skills, start my own company, and become an expert in my field.

Conducting an interview is also my other greatest experience. I have never conducted an interview before. As indicated before, I interviewed with my supervisor, Frank Li. Frank is the Chief Operational Officer of Sunway Nuts USA. He is in charge of all operational areas in the organization. Interviewing my supervisor seems like an easy task, but it is not. During the interview, I was so nervous at the start as I was dealing with one of the most leading individuals in the company. Frank was, however, humble and ready to share a lot with me. I learned a lot of things during the interview which I think they will strengthen my career. One of the things I learned about is change and how management can ensure an effective and successful change in the company. I believe this experience will enable me to become the better me in the coming years of my career.


Based on the interview, I noticed that culture plays a vital role in organizations. Organizational culture establishes expectations for how individuals work and behave. It can define an entity’s external and internal identity, it can transform an organization into a team, it can impact employee wellbeing and performance, and can also influence decision-making. A culture can also influence change. While culture itself is resistant to change, it can be a significant enabler of change within an entity. It is, therefore, important for change managers to figure out the strengths of their organizational culture to initiate a successful change.

I have also noticed that for a change to be effective and successful within an organization, top-level management team and CEO must respect and listen to employees’ views. Listening and respecting employee’s views, shows that the management value and care about its workers. It also helps the managers share what their goals and intentions are and even understand the employees’ expectations, hence, having everybody in agreement. When individuals within an organization concur, change becomes effective. This aspect will further my career. As a director, I need to respect and listen to my team members. I can't succeed without their inputs and efforts. Their opinions and views matter in all my endeavors.

I have also noticed that for a change to be effective, change managers need to share the vision of the change before implementation. A vision offers meaning and orientation for change managers and their team (Martin et al., 2014). It also creates a sense of ownership. A sense of ownership can make a huge difference in employee motivation, engagement, and investment. Sharing the vision before implementation can also drive a culture and environment that allows workers to thrive. All these aspects are vital to change management.

The other thing I have observed is that dictatorship of top-level management and CEO on what needs to be changed is dangerous. Controlling everything during change harm creativity among the team and prevent growth. Teamwork is important during change. As much as people always believe that dictatorship can generate consistent results, encourage short-term increases in productivity, and can lessen the effects of mistakes when top-level management and CEO allow employees to share opinions and ideas on what needs to be changed, employee motivation, engagement, and morale will improve.

Key Concepts

Effective leadership is important. Effective leaders usually bring together different groups of people and assist them to find a mutual purpose and vision. Effective leaders also ensure their employees work towards achieving the common goals. They empower and inspire individuals to recognize their fullest abilities and utilize their abilities to attain common goals (Hao & Yazdanifard, 2015). They also promote a culture of collaboration and cohesion in the workplace. Effective leadership entails listening and respecting employee’s views, sharing a vision with employees, and allowing employees to participate in decision-making processes.

Change is important in any organization. An organization cannot survive without change: Change is growth and it is unavoidable. New products and companies are entering the market every day, technology is advancing and changing, and consumer preferences are also changing. Companies, thus, need to adapt to change to avoid being disappointed. Change allows workers to learn new skills, practice their creativity, and explore different opportunities. Change also encourage innovation, enhances skills growth, and can promote efficiency in the workplace. In order for organizations to have an effective change, top-level management and the CEO must respect and listen to the employees’ opinions and views. They must also share the vision of change before the implementation. The top-level management should also estimate the strengths of its organizational culture to initiate a successful change.


Journal writing is so important. By writing a journal and reflecting on it, individuals can identify vital learning events or occasions that had taken place in their life, individuals can find the source of their inspiration, they can discover their authentic self, and even get a better understanding of their thought process. Writing a journal is one of my greatest experience. I have learned a lot throughout the process and I believe my career can nourish through the experience. Conducting an interview is also my other greatest experience. I learned a lot through the interview and I believe my career will build up through that experience. Based on the interview, I observed some aspects which I think are very important in my career. There are also some key concepts that I believe are vital to my overall professional practices.


Hao, M. J., & Yazdanifard, R. (2015). How effective leadership can facilitate change in organizations through improvement and innovation. Global journal of management and business research. https://globaljournals.org/GJMBR_Volume15/1-How-Effective-Leadership.pdf

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Journal for Internship Course 2

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Journal for Internship Course 2


People need to keep journals as it helps in reviewing and reflecting on the individual’s activities. Having a habit in journal keeping promotes the documentation of every step that takes place in an individual’s life be it career wife or any other. Through journal writing, records are well kept and they can be used in the future with different people for reference. Also, it makes one acknowledge their success and challenges throughout every development. The purpose of this paper is to describe the professional portfolio which includes the accomplishments and the skills recognized together with how they contribute to the portfolio. The paper will then review how the success and challenges of the internship experience are leading to growth.


Working as a Director of E-Commerce in the food trading company, there are many things encountered that have contributed to the success and promotion of the portfolio. They are in relation to my career goal which is coming up with my own company, enhancing networking skills, and becoming an expert.

Creating a professional journal is the first success achieved. This was seen from the first journal ever created which was of great importance and impact. The journal enabled the reflection in the experiences, observations, and key concepts. A professional journal enables the involved parties to track the progress made career-wise. Besides, one is able to reflect on the experiences and get the best out of them. To the portfolio, it keeps the personal investments safe and easy to be reviewed.

Carrying out successful interviews with different professional and specialized people is the second success that is leading to career growth. Interviews were carried with the supervisor and the chief operating officer of the organization. Even though it was the first time conducting the interview, it comes to success as a lot of things which promote the career progress was learned. Through the interview, a lot was learned which included balancing between the wholesales and the e-commerce retail business. Besides, different ways of incorporating change to the organization were learned that helped in the career promotion due to the increased knowledge and skill that has been impacted by the professionals.

Balancing between the e-commerce retail and the whole business is another success encountered that promoted growth. Achieving a balance between the two promoted the sales of the organization hence increased revenue. It was a good experience trying to balance the two cultural support and good leadership from other organizations. The experience of good organizational culture during the internship enhanced the well-being of the employees which increased the rate of decision making and performance. Abiding by the culture and changes being incorporate helped in ensuring there are success and effectiveness in the growth. Teamwork, good communication skills, and professionalism enhance the success and facilitated growth. Through these, knowledge is shared and skills and experience increased which promotes growth.

Incorporating her hometown culture of the United State into the organization is another success achieved. Different countries have different cultures which vary from country to country. Being able to incorporate a new culture and people follows it results in great achievements as culture plays an important role in the development of the organization (Addey, 2017). Culture highly influences the behaviors of the employees; all-round culture promotes success. Implementation of the United States cultures increased the identity of the organization both internal and external and positively influence performance. More cultures at the organization increase the diversity hence success and growth.

The other experience in the internship that I witnessed which led to growth is the clear vision. A clear vision gives an exact intention of the business and guides the employees through the accomplishment of the organization’s goals (Martin, et al., 2014). This is because it gives the purpose of the company and the things that they want to achieve at it inspires them through its achievement (Martin, et al., 2014). Besides, it gives the characteristics of the organization that will influence its growth. Through this, growth and the increase in the portfolio were experienced by knowing the ways of setting an appropriate vision for the organization.

The last experience that promotes growth is effective communication among different people in the organization. In this experience, I was able to learn that it is important to listen to others as it gives a symbol of value and care. Besides, it promotes decision making and finding solutions as there is an understanding amongst different parties (Doyle, 2017). Also, good communication facilitates knowledge sharing and achieving strong productivity hence a strong working relationship that promotes growth.


Apart from the successful experiences that promoted growth, there are also several challenges the lead to growth. The first challenge is time control. During the interview, it was hard to control time as there was an overflow from the set time of the interview. However, this led to growth and development as, during the internship experience, I was able to learn how to control the time for interviews and other things. Good time management enables an individual to accomplish a lot of things within a short time. This results in more of the free time that can be put to other uses for the accomplishment of other projects and activities.

The other challenge experienced is the implementation of the change in an organization. It is challenging to implement change in any of the organizations as a little mistake will mess up everything. Even though it was a challenge, it led to growth as it was addressed and matched to the vision of the organization. Through its capabilities in creating the plans, setting the goals, coordination of work, and the projects and the decision, it highly promotes growth as activities are done in an organized manner.


From writing the journal, we have been able to identify the success and challenges of the internship that led to growth. Through it, it is clear that good communication promotes the growth and development of both an individual and the organization through knowledge sharing. Besides, helps in saving time and articulating change which are major challenges to the organization. Even though time management and visual articulation are challenging, they led to growth by aligning them to the proper consideration and undergoing in the organization. Also, writing the journal there was growth from the interviews carried out on the different people. Through the successful interviews, I was able to learn from the professional and grow my career and skills. It is important to interview people with experience as they can correct and recommend the right career path to be taken for further development.


Addey, C. (2017). The assessment culture of international organizations:“From philosophical doubt to statistical certainty” through the appearance and growth of international large-scale assessments. Pupil assessment cultures in historical perspective. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.

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Journal for Internship Course 3

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Journal for Internship Course 3


Keeping a professional journal is a key component in professional work life. Journal is essential. Especially it plays a critical role in enabling an individual to review and reflect on the previous activities. The professional journal helps in keeping the records and clearly outlining the activities done on a day today. Furthermore, the professional journal helps maintain the sense of self and solidify an identity. Professional journals have information that is considered to be practical about the field of work.

Writing the journal with gratitude is essential for self-recovery. The target of the work is to describe the professional portfolio. The discussions include what I learned during my professional internship, experiences, observations, key concepts, and the business course experience. The work also includes the discussions of challenges I encountered during the internship period. Besides, the item aims to develop my professional journal during the course to help with my career path in the future.

What I have learned

Having been working at Yamibuy, I learned teamwork skills. During my one and half years working there immediately after my graduation, it was a learning experience. As the Account Manager here, I learned many diverse skills in management. The management skills learned there were critical towards the effective running of the Marketplace department. Having been assigned the role of maintaining a good rapport relationship with the sellers, I learned how to build essential professional relationships. I also developed marketing skills to work in Yamibuy; this was essential for me in helping the sellers achieve better performance in terms of sales in our platform.

Having experience in terms of professional skills during my work at Yamibuy, I got a new opportunity to work at "Sunway Nuts USA Inc.." My reason for shifting to this company is to further my career, gain more professional experience, and establish a good ground for personal growth. Currently, working in Sunway Nuts Inc. has further made me learn a lot. Some of the things I have learned here include; leadership skills. I have grown as a leader working in Sunway Nuts USA Inc. The leadership skills have learned from my responsibility of leading a team on sales of our products. I have learned skills in e-commerce marketing skills. I have also learned working at Sunway Nuts Inc. Furthermore, and I have helped the team responsible for making the sales online of various platforms like Amazon, Taobao, Yamibuy, and eBay.

I have also learned team management skills; this is thanks to the responsibility assigned to me at Sunway Nuts Inc. to manage the team's performance. My business management skills have also developed in the course of working at Sunway Nuts Inc. I have also learned to understand the two models of business operations are wholesale and retail. Being Director of E-commerce, I have also learned and developed my managerial skills since being in charge and responsible for the operations at this level in Sunway Nuts Inc. As a team, I have learned how to focus on achieving the goals. For instance, we are currently working on expanding our business to more websites like delivery apps. Basing on learning have experienced working in Yamibuy. I consider studying more to further my career in managing the company and team, focusing on E-commerce.


Talking of my success, I am proud that I have accomplished settling a new account in the delivery app. The new account is now our new selling channel. The channel is expected to increase sales immensely. Accomplishing the settling of the account has also lead to an increase in activities in our company. We are projecting an increase in the number of employees upon the successful implantation of the sales.

I consider my big success the authorization from the Chinese electronic brand known as "Xiaomi Youpin" as a distributor in the United States. Xiaomi Youpin is one of the biggest electronic brands in China, and distributing their products will enable our company to expand to dealings in other categories such as electronics and home goods. I am so excited about this opportunity and looking forward to starting working with them in starting the new business this year while working in Sunway Nuts Inc. I managed to interview Mr. Frank Li, the CEO and the founder of the company. From the interview, I was able to get a deeper understanding of the company's journey and how it has transformed to its current existence.


Being assigned the responsibility of managing a team taking part in sales during my internship, I experience that it is important to keep team dynamics and effective communications (Hughes et al., 2018). For the successful running of a company, the employees need to work as a team. While working as a team, it is important to establish trust among the co-workers; this improves the working relationship and increases the general individual's performance and the company's performance (Hughes et al., 2018). I also experience that the promotion of a company's growth directly depends on the communication's effectiveness among the people in the company and the customers. My responsibility for leading the team in charge of selling our products is that effective team coaching is essential in its performance (Maseko et al., 2019). I also experience practicing patients when I was waiting for the Xiaomi Youpin Company's confirmations to distribute their products.

Observations and Key Concepts

My observation while working in Sunway Nuts Inc. is that the E-commerce company is fully dependent on the team's efforts. For instance, the team responsible for the sales in the online platforms should make efforts. The efforts made by the sales teams are all dependant on the effective team couching (Maseko et al., 2019). The key concept is that when operating an e-commerce platform dealing with imported products giving customers the best experienc