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Week 2 ILS

Exploring the concept of the supernatural through the lenses of various academic disciplines. This paper will ask you to use two of those academic approaches to conduct a literature and film analysis. You analysis should be an in depth look at the selected topic though the lenses of the academic approaches.

Assignment Details:

Using the historical and psychological academic approaches compare and contrast the film The Sixth Sense to the story “The Turn of the Screw” by Henry James. In your first paragraph, be sure to include a thesis statement that tells the reader what your paper is about. In the body of your paper use the historical and psychological approaches to analyze how each of the sources approaches the use of ghosts. Make sure to draw comparisons between the two sources and how they are similar and different in their treatment of the subject matter of ghosts. Look at how they reflect the time period they take place in and its views on the supernatural, as well as what psychological theories or conditions could be applied to better understand the character’s actions.

Submission Details:

1. Paper should be 4 pages long double spaced using 12-point font in either Times New Roman or Calibri

2. Formatting should follow MLA formatting guidelines as outlined at Purdue OWL

3. You must use at least 2 scholarly sources for your paper (if you have questions on how to determine scholarly sources see the Evaluating Sources section of the lib. guide)

4. All papers should be saved as a .doc, .docx or as a .PDF

Week 3 ILS

For your final, you will use three or more of the academic approaches we have been utilizing throughout the course to perform an in depth analysis on witches. This is a research paper and you will be expected to write a clear and precise thesis statement and find at least three scholarly sources that support your ideas. Depending on the quality of your sources, it is likely that you will want more than three to support your thesis.

Some ideas you may want to explore are:

· Witches across cultures

· Witches within a specific culture

· Witches across time

· Witches in classic literature

· Witches in film or television

· Witches as depicted in visual art (photography, painting, subculture)

You may propose another supernatural topic that we have not specifically covered, but it must be approved in advance. If you want to research a different topic please email me with your topic suggestion.

Important Direction:

Please submit your thesis statement and paper outline in this way!!!

You should format your submission with the working title paper at top, your name, thesis statement and then your outline and a list of possible sources. 


Paper Title


Thesis Statement:

Paper Outline:

Possible Sources:


Form your outline I should be able to determine what direction your paper is taking and how you are organizing your paper. You should include a list of possible sources. This does not have to be your final list, but I want to see what types of sources you are looking at and make sure you are finding scholarly sources for your research. About 2 pages will be fine!