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Week one cled 780

Read: Kotter: Chapters 1 – 2

· Watch: The Essence of LeadershipPage

Watch: The Essence of Leadership

· Watch: Qualities Of LeadershipPage

Watch: Qualities Of Leadership

· Watch: Invictus (2009) – What is your philosophy of leadership?Page

Watch: Invictus (2009) – What is your philosophy of leadership?

Discussion Thread: Leaders and Managers


This is a graded discussion: 50 points possible

due Jan 16

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Dr. Bredfeldt said that leadership involves defining reality, defining a preferred future and creating a strategy to get from current reality to a preferred future. This means change must occur and leaders are people who are able to help individuals and organizations make the required change.

· What do you believe is the best explanation of what makes a leader a leader?

· Identify a person you respect as a leader and discuss with the class the reasons you believe this person is effective as a leader.

· How would you distinguish your selected leader from a manager?