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Interesting and important topic, and nicely structured, but your really need to know which is your IV and which is your DV. It can't be an open question which one or the other "racial profiling" will be (though this is actually really two variables–subjects racial identity and whether/to what extent they're unfairly targeted by police, employers or other on that basis). You mention four control variables, but I only see two–age and ethnicity. But ethnicity is largely the same as race, which it seems is already part of your IV or DV. So there are some basic construction elements that are missing or unclear in this piece. 


Max Perez

Research Methods 2


Part 1

The research is intricately designed on a particular topic that is very common

in the United States and other parts of the world as well. The ultimate superiority of

white people and the treatment of police towards the black people.

We read about various research about the particular topic and how certain

factors are involved in stimulating powers to change this stigma from society.

The particular hypothesis unfolds that how this problem has prevailed in

society and it is the stigma that has been observed in society and the most common

problems that have been observed is that white police doesn’t treat the black people

appropriately. Racial discrimination is a common problem that has been observed in

society for the longest time. Police have played a major role in the mistreatment of

the people and upholding grudges against the people with black skin color.

Identification and conceptualizing:

There are certain methods used to identify the problem and suggest the

solution that should be implemented instantly to help people suffering from this

heinous crime. This is pure discrimination that should be eradicated from society and

prevails justice and sanity for all rather than objecting identities of people according


to their skin color or their cultural identity. The identification and conceptualizing of

the particular problem is easy by the empirical method.

Dependent or independent variable:

The research that is conducted to inculcate that this is a dependent or

independent variable. Dependent and independent variables are considered valuable

in conducting research and constructing valuable analyses about different factors that

are important to maintain analysis about the research. These variables explain which

factor can be effective alone and which one is dependent on the other factors or

variables to prove that it is effective or a prominent thing that should be highlighted,

identified, and then solved at a great pace. Identification that race is a dependent

variable off the independent variable in the construction of the research. When we

figure out ground realities, we can assume that racial profiling is the dependent or

independent variable. The research about the social issues exclaims that racial

profiling is a dependent variable that depends on numerous other variables.

Four controlled variables used in the research:

Countless methods are being used to solve certain problems, and

it is important to use certain variables just to solve the problems and get away with

strong facts about the variable and solve problems like racial profiling. Police

misconduct is a major problem that has been assessed in society, and there should be

measurements to solve this problem. The four controlled variables that have been

used in conducting the most thought-provoking research. These variables hold straight

and firm in the research—duration of the experiment to assess the exact events. A


number of people have been observed and how these will help to assess the number.

Age group is also an important factor that how many people are being affected.

Ethnicity is also a control variable when we are conducting research about racial


This method is perfect for gathering authentic figures about the

problems and how this will help to solve this problem in the United States. It will give

away exact figures about the problem and the element that are supposed to be used

in conducting research with exact figures and numbers to make the research valuable

and thought-provoking.

Part 2

1. How old are you (in years)? ______________ (please write numeral in the space


2. With regard to race and/or ethnicity, which one of the following categories would

you most strongly identify with?         

a) black           b) white           c) Latina/o       d) Asian/Pacific Islander e) other

3. Were you born in the United States or in another country? (please circle one).     

a) born in the U.S.         b) born outside the U.S.

4. How would you describe your gender?

a) Male b) Female c) Prefer not to say


5. Are you an U.S citizen?

a) Yes b) No c) Prefer not to say

6. Are you currently employed? If so are you full time or part time. _____________.

a) Yes b) No

7. Do you have any children?

a) yes b) No

8. Parental Status

a) Single b) Married c) Widowed

9. How would you describe yourself?

a) Heterosexual b) Gay or Lesbian c) Bisexual d) Uncertain or questioning

e) Other (please specify)____________

10. Do you believe police brutality is existent in America today?

a) Yes b) No c) Not that much