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TheSupreme Court’s decision on Dred Scott’s status as a slave orfree man had far reaching consequences for all black people in theUnited States, free or slave. What were some of the legal andpolitical effects of the Dred Scott decision?


Using PowerPoint, prepare an annotated timeline of the events that resulted in the Civil War. The timeline should be encompassed in 8-10 slides, with images and a 1-2 paragraph description for each entry. Sources you may consult are the textbook and the GMC library. Cite all sources in APA format in text and on a reference slide. When using images from the internet, you may use a free image site such as Wikimedia Commons.


Writeannotated bibliography of the following texts (will send later). Eachwill contains a summary of the work, an assessment of the author’scredibility, and an analysis of how the source supports the shortstory.