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Write a 2 page paper on how teams and self leadership correspond and the importance working together. Include if you are of situation where everybody wasn't working together and have different opinions on what the team should do what would you do?  

Section #2

Review the film clip posted entitled, 


Using your text regarding team 

strategies, identify what you believe made this particular example of team leadership work. 

Identify what you saw transpire in the rescue attempt were there dynamics that made a difference in the outcome of the day?


Section #3

 Discuss a time when you 

were on a team that you saw groupthink demonstrated.  What is good strategy to use?  

What is meant by transformational leadership?  Did you see this demonstrated in 


Review the chapter in the Northouse eBook, 


to help you determine more 

about how you can become a transformational leader

Must include work cited page with sources in APA format