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Write a short essay on how and why the “architecture” of markets and the “architecture” of firms help decide how well markets and firms, respectively, deal with imperfect information and incentive problems. As part of your answer, with the aid of some examples, make sure that you discuss why, and in what sense, the information and incentive problems faced by a large hierarchical multi-department corporation are generally likely to be less tractable than the problems faced by markets for specific goods and services.


Note that this essay assignment will be reviewed for originality using Turnitin. While you do not have to conform to the full writing guidelines that were posted for the term paper, note that the same general strictures on originality apply:


The assignment must be your own original work and it must be written specifically for this class. The assignment will be checked for originality using turnitin.com. Any citation omissions will affect your assignment grade, but significantly plagiarized assignments will receive a grade of zero, with no exceptions and with no do-overs.


You must cite all your sources.


You must use quotation marks, or else use indented blocks, to identify all quotations. It is OK to paraphrase and not use direct quotes only when your language is completely different from the original, but you must still give proper credit to your sources. It is not OK to just insert a few words of your own into another writer’s text and then appropriate it without using quotation marks.