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Write an opinion/response/feedback on the posts mentioned in the word document. The responses should have references and also valid in-text citations (APA Format) (total 2 responses)

(These posts are posted by Professor (post1) and another student (Post 2), so when you write the response please relate to their statements.

Post 1

A systematic way of evaluating the work performance of employees in a company is known as performance appraisal (Kondrasuk, 2011). During this practice, the employees must be notified about the situation of their performances by their supervisors and employers, listening to employees’ responses, ensuring partnership with employees, persistence for the change desired and themselves should know why they are conducting an appraisal (Kondrasuk, 2011). This technique aims at maintaining records that will later be used in determining sets of rewards and organizing payments, identification of an employee’s strongholds and weak points hence ensuring job specialization, maintenance and assessment of the person’s potentials hence enhancing growth and development, and provision of employee’s response concerning his performance

According to Kondrasuk (2011), performance appraisal has been seen to perform the following best practices; clarification of the responsibilities and position of an organization’s employee. It allows the employee to develop himself as it identifies areas that need to be improved, thus the employee organizes for training with one of his seniors to develop new skills. With this technique, the most performing employees receive impressive payments and sets of rewards, hence becoming motivated and later improving their performance further. The technique has also enabled in the identification of the under-performing employees hence enabling the company to make certain decisions.

The discussion above has pointed out what performance appraisal is. It has also discussed how it is conducted and who conducts it. Its purposes and best practices have also been discussed. From my point of view, I don’t see the need for making any change in this technique because it keeps all the employees at ease. The identified reluctant employees can be punished and this will serve as a lesson to others. This, therefore, enhances the proper running of the company’s operations (Kondrasuk, 2011).

Post 2

The key purpose of a performance appraisal is to review or assist in the assessment of the efficiency and abilities of an employee. Performance appraisal also helps management personnel to simply establish guidelines for tracking weaknesses and strengths of employees (Mohrman & Lawler, 2017). Moreover, the purpose behind performance appraisal is to identify the best candidates for promotion, besides offering feedback for their improvements. Therefore, it can be said that performance appraisal is beneficial for achieving better performance of work from the employees.

Key ideas for conducting performance appraisal

Some key ideas that need to be remembered while conducting performance appraisal include Accountability and Teamwork. Additionally, being honest in appraisal and discussing the results with employees is equally important (Iqbal, Akbar & Budhwar, 2015). Appraisers also need to avoid giving too much attention to recent events of employees as they may unfairly skew the results.

Best practices

Firms are often seen to conduct an appraisal annually of an employee so that the board can derive the value of the work done. This is an effective way to evaluate the contribution of the employee to the company.

Changes required and reasons behind it.

The time consumed for conducting performance appraisals needs to be reduced since all employees are subjected to these processes. At the same time, the errors need to be eliminated since it is completely based on human assessment.