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  Your original response should encompass a thorough reflection, application or feedback – as required, minimum 2-3 full paragraphs in length. An original response is formal in nature and should include a scholarly application to the specified topic, including references and corresponding in-text citations. 

 In your experience with healthcare, what are the important dimensions of performance (page 314)? How would you know whether an organization is performing well? What indicators do you think are important for a hospital, a physician practice, a home care agency, a long-term care facility or a managed care organization? (choose 2 healthcare sector to discuss) 



The Healthcare Quality Book: Vision, Strategy and Tools

Maulik S. Joshi, Elizabeth R. Ransom, David B. Nash, Scott. B. Ransom

Health Administration Press, 4th, 2019

ISBN-13: 978-1640550537