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Question Description

Consider the following scenario. Write a program for this scenario and then write a word document explaining how you would represent this scenario using inheritance. Focus on the following components:

  • class definitions
  • Relationship between classes
  • Constructors (show how to initialize the parent class through the child class).

The scenario

A Zoo manager approached you and asked you to build him a system to keep track of the animals in the zoo. The animals are made up of 2 main groups:

  1. Oviparous
  2. Viviparous

For both types, he wants to keep track of the count (how many, for example, 2 spiders, 4 snakes). For Ovi he wants to track how many eggs that specific “animal” laid. For the Viv he wants to keep track if the animal is pregnant or not

When an animal is added, its count is 0. Then later, the manager will enter the count of each animal.

Create a Video where you present the “classes and the relationship between the classes” to start programming this “Zoo project”.